Discover our 225g Solid Dish Soap

Publié le May 16, 2022

Discover our 225g solid dishwashing soap

The Fer à Cheval soap factory presents its 225g solid dishwashing soap with baking soda.

It will perfectly clean and degrease your dishes.

ECODETERGENT certified, it contains 20% baking soda.

100% natural origin, without palm oil, without coconut oil.

A soap composed of 3 specific sides.

1/ The side slices with their ergonomic shape allow a better grip of the soap so that it does not slip during use.

2/ You have the choice between the 2 sides: the one with the grooves or the flat side to scrub your sponge or brush.

3/ Once you have the desired foam, scrub your dishes. And rinse it with clean water.

TIP: for dishes where dirt is encrusted, we advise you to soak them with a little soap in them. The baking soda will soften the dirt.

Discover our 225g Solid Dish Soap

For ECO responsible tableware

For people who want to limit their impact on the planet or be zero waste, the Fer à Cheval soap factory offers you products that are perfectly respectful of the planet.

With our ECOnomic solid dishwashing soap we offer you our Andrée Jardin dishwashing brushes. Robust, aesthetic and durable, make your dishes with products that last and are natural.

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