The benefits of Olive Oil in Marseille Soaps

Publié le June 12, 2024

We will never stop repeating it, Pure Olive Marseille soap is a product with many qualities . At the base of this ancestral and traditional soap is a key ingredient : olive oil.
Used for its multiple virtues , olive oil gives Marseille soap incomparable benefits for the skin.

Through this article, we present to you the benefits of olive oil in Marseille soap .

Where does the olive oil used in our Marseille soaps come from?

The extraction of virgin olive oil results in the creation of residues called olive pomace. The latter consist of the fruit pulp, stone fragments, water and a small amount of residual olive oil. Our olive pomace oil, from the Mediterranean basin , is rich in fatty acids , vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect the skin .

The nourishing properties of olive oil:

Olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins, including vitamin E, a recognized antioxidant. When integrated into Marseille soap, it deeply nourishes the skin , helping to maintain its natural hydration . Fatty acids, on the other hand, easily penetrate the epidermis, strengthening the skin barrier and preventing dehydration.

Natural soothing for the skin:

Olive oil also has soothing properties that are particularly beneficial for sensitive skin. Marseille soap, thanks to its olive oil content, can soothe itching . In addition to being hypoallergenic , Marseille soap contains no artificial colors or fragrances , making it an ideal choice for taking care of your skin in a completely natural way.

Gentle and effective cleaning.

Marseille soap gently cleanses the skin without altering its hydrolipidic film. Olive oil, through its emollient properties , allows you to create a fine and creamy foam which eliminates impurities while respecting the natural balance of the skin . In addition to all these benefits, Marseille soap is biodegradable and even available without a case in order to reduce the presence of containers in your bathroom.

The benefits of olive oil in Marseille soaps are multiple and demonstrate the importance of choosing natural products for the care of our skin. Nourishing , soothing and environmentally friendly , olive oil enriches Marseille soap, making it a precious ally for our health and well-being.

Using this soap means choosing a simple and authentic product that takes care of our skin while respecting nature. Integrating Marseille soap based on olive oil into your daily routine means offering your skin natural and effective care , in harmony with the needs of your epidermis.

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