Launch of our scented soaps

Publié le April 17, 2018
Launch of our scented soaps - Savonnerie Fer à Cheval

Discover the new range of scented soaps and its 8 scents available in liquid soaps and soap bars. These superfatted soaps, enriched with argan and sweet almond oils, are composed of 96% ingredients of natural origin, to delicately cleanse the skin.

Each fragrance is a celebration of Provence, offering a unique sensory experience. Let yourself be transported by these aromas which pay homage to the Mediterranean art of living.

Made with passion, our soaps embody the excellence of Marseille craftsmanship. Each soap is a work of art, blending captivating fragrances with nourishing skin benefits. Argan and sweet almond oils add a touch of luxury, while the natural formula respects and revitalizes your skin. Embark on an unforgettable olfactory journey with our collection that promises a daily escape in the comfort of your bathroom.

Find them in thePerfumes collection.

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