Solid soap in all its forms

Publié le October 29, 2020

Since 1856, master soapmakers have passed down the recipe for authentic Marseille soap from generation to generation. Without chemical additives, Marseille soap is the healthy, ecological and effective alternative to industrial products for the body and for the home. Easily biodegradable and non-polluting, it is gentle on the environment.

Our Marseille soap comes in different formats to best meet your needs.

The 2kg bar: a generous format

This family and economical format is presented in its sheath, in its most authentic form. You can cut it, and thus adapt the size of your soaps.

We recommend that you pre-cut the bar upon receipt while it is still fresh, because over time the water contained in the soap evaporates and the bar hardens. To do this, use a wire or a toothless kitchen knife previously passed under hot water.

For the enjoyment of the whole family!

These original formats are designed for simplified use of Marseille soap. Zero waste and ready to use, they will dry without leaving a trace thanks to their braided jute rope.

The scented range

Superfatted and gentle, our scented soaps gently cleanse and respect the balance of the skin. They are perfect for washing hands and body, and are suitable for all skin types.

Difficult to choose?

We understand you! The 25g soap kit is ideal for discovering several scents. You will find inside:

  • White tea & Yuzu
  • Honey & Almond
  • Invigorating Lavender
  • Rose petals
  • Aqua tangerine
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