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Publié le April 17, 2024

Thanks to our ancestral know-how , our Multi-Purpose Spray contains the effectiveness of Marseille Soap, thus offering you the perfect gesture for a radiant clean with each use.

Marseille soap: an ancestral natural cleanser

For centuries, Marseille Soap has been recognized for its cleansing properties and that is why it is the key ingredient in our Multi-Purpose Spray. We designed this product to help you on a daily basis to thoroughly eliminate dirt and grease thanks to our authentic Marseille soap cooked in thistle. A product that reflects the treasure of the South and leaves a pleasant scent of Provençal olive in your interior.

Its allergen-free formula

Made up of 99% ingredients of natural origin , our Multi-Purpose Spray with Marseille Soap is free of preservatives and colorings . Its unique allergen-free formula* with authentic Marseille soap, known for its degreasing and hypoallergenic properties, has been developed to minimize the risk of allergies. In our Multi-Purpose Spray , 0% carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances and 0% petrochemical derivatives.

In summary: versatility and efficiency

Thanks to Marseille Soap , our Multi-Purpose Spray is ideal on a daily basis for cleaning all types of washable surfaces and making them shine, whether in the kitchen , the bathroom or other rooms in your home. A simple gesture for effective cleaning , simply spray the solution directly on the surface to be cleaned, leave to act for a few moments before wiping with a damp sponge.

Do not hesitate to discover our Multi-Purpose Spray available on our website and in our store at 66, Chemin Sainte Marthe Marseille 14th arrondissement.

* Without allergens present above the declaration threshold to minimize the risk of allergies

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