Take care of your hands

Publié le March 12, 2024

They serve us every moment , every second of the day, whether working, cooking, gardening or simply carrying out our domestic tasks, our hands are always in action . This is why it is crucial to give them the attention they deserve.

The skin on our hands is thinner and therefore more delicate than that of the rest of our body, which makes it more vulnerable to external aggression. To take care of them, it is essential to hydrate them regularly to maintain their elasticity and suppleness . You can also adopt simple gestures to pamper them such as:

- exfoliate them: for this, there are ready-to-use plant-based scrubs on the market, but you can also make your own scrub at home with natural products . You will find simple and easy recipes on the internet or Pinterest for example!
Here is a recipe for a homemade exfoliant:
Mix 60g of coffee grounds with 60g of coconut oil in a pot. Massage your hands with this exfoliator and rinse thoroughly.

- moisturize them: with our Gentle Hand Cream , composed of ORGANIC olive oil , ORGANIC shea butter and sweet almond oil , it brings softness and comfort to your hands every day . Its creamy texture intensely nourishes your hands, even the driest, without leaving a greasy film.

- protect them from the sun: we often forget this, but our hands are also exposed to the sun which gradually damages our skin. Don't hesitate to put sunscreen on your hands after moisturizing them.  

You now have the keys to taking care of your hands and helping you maintain their hydration and prevent signs of dryness and skin aging.

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