Marseille soap for your hands

Publié le March 6, 2020

At a time when it is more important than ever to prevent the transmission of viruses, think about Marseille soap: a simple and ecological alternative for effective hand washing.

The objectives of hand washing and its action are multiple:

  • Eliminate transient skin flora
  • Reduce the resident skin flora
  • Prevent contamination

Washing your hands with Marseille soap eliminates skin impurities and thus helps to break the chain of transmission

Marseille soap, thanks to its high PH, has a strong cleaning power. Dermatologists recommend it for its hypoallergenic formula, composed of 100% ingredients of natural origin, without allergens. In addition, it is easily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

For effective hand washing Wet your hands with warm water and lather the soap. For effective hand washing, rub your hands:

  1. Palm to palm
  2. Palm on back
  3. Intertwined fingers
  4. Palm/fingers
  5. Inches
  6. Nails
  7. Cuffs

Finally, dry your hands with a clean towel.

Report on CNEWS

Hygiene messages are increasing, particularly that of washing your hands regularly. Doctors encourage the use of soap, including Marseille soap.

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