100% Olive

Publié le July 13, 2023

The Fer à Cheval soap factory advocates short circuits and innovates with a 100% olive Marseille soap.

The recipe for the Edict of Colbert dates from 1688, it stipulates that an authentic Marseille soap must contain at least 72% olive oil and no animal fat. With the development of the colonies, Marseille becoming a major import port, certain new features were introduced. Like the arrival of certain oils which dried better or smelled less strong. Palm oil from South East Asia was introduced at the end of the 18th century, as well as copra oil from Africa, South America or Asia, which soapmakers continue to use. in the olive formula for its solidifying power.

100% pure olive

For 165 years, we have respected the traditional know-how of the Edit de Colbert. The Fer à Cheval soap factory is part of the UPSM (union of Marseille soap professionals) which campaigns for the true recipe for Marseille soap, that is to say: production in cauldrons in 5 steps according to Colbert's edict , 4 ingredients only (vegetable oils, soda, water, sea salt) and production around the Marseille basin. Today we go further and seek perfection. We are currently the only ones in the profession to respect the original recipe. It’s a return to basics!

Committed for several years to a CSR approach (100% recyclable packaging, Ecocert certification), we advocate short circuits with our 100% Olive formula, the result of 2 years of development. Composed of oils exclusively from the Mediterranean basin, this new responsible formula reduces the carbon footprint of the soap factory while respecting the Colbert Edict. An innovation in the profession. A return to the origins of Marseille soap.

100% Pure Olive - Fer à Cheval Savonnerie
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