Our Savonnerie, a historic monument

Publié le May 15, 2019
Our soap factory listed as a historic monument - Savonnerie Fer à Cheval

Fer à Cheval, the oldest and largest soap factory in Marseille still in operation, is listed as a Historic Monument like the Château d'IF, the Cité radieuse or Fort Saint Jean.


After the Living Heritage Company label and the initiative of an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) for the protection of real Marseille soap, this is a new stage in the history of soap making which strives to proudly preserving the meticulous and traditional making of this flagship product of Marseille culture. And above all, a great recognition since the Historic Monument in France label allows buildings to be protected because of their historical, artistic or architectural interest.

In Marseille, only 90 monuments have obtained inscription and Fer à Cheval is the only soap factory.

Our soap factory listed as a historic monument - Savonnerie Fer à Cheval


The soap factory represents, from a historical point of view, a considerable heritage interest testifying to the traditional activity of the Marseille soap industry of the 19th century.

All of the facades and roofs of the soap production workshop, the cauldron building with its 7 riveted sheet metal tanks with its old devices on 3 levels and the basement room, are now protected.

Our soap factory listed as a historic monument - Savonnerie Fer à Cheval


This recognition will allow renovation work and optimization of the visitor route to be carried out. Visits which take place every Wednesday, retracing the history of Marseille soap and its manufacturing secrets, transmitted to each new generation of master soapmakers.

The inclusion in the Historical Monuments also seems to announce the true renaissance of Marseille soap, recognized as the healthiest and natural alternative to industrial products, and appreciated for its countless virtues and its multiple uses (skin care, maintenance of the home, laundry care, etc.).

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