Marseille soap and laundry detergent

Publié le June 7, 2024

Today we can notice that natural products are gaining popularity in our homes, and for good reason. Among them, we can cite Marseille soap which stands out for its multiple uses , particularly for laundry .

In this article, we will discuss different benefits of using Marseille soap for laundry, including health , environmental and economic benefits.

What is Marseille soap?

For more than 165 years , the Fer à Cheval soap factory has perpetuated the production of authentic Marseille soap in a cauldron . Our master soap makers pass on the manufacturing secrets of the Marseille process, established by the Edict of Colbert (1688) . They carefully select the materials and ingredients of Marseille soap to guarantee the authenticity of this product . In order to obtain a traditional Marseille soap, you must:
- Made in Marseille, a composition of only vegetable oils (no preservatives, no coloring, no perfume, no additives or animal fat).
- Follow a recipe in 5 steps, called the Marseillais Process, defined in 1688 by the Edict of Colbert:
1/ pasting
2/ release
3/ cooking
4/ washing
5/ liquidation

Marseille soap is ideal for the hygiene of the whole family, maintaining the house or cleaning laundry, of which here are 3 advantages:

1. Health Benefits:
One of the main advantages of Marseille soap is that it is hypoallergenic . This means it is less likely to cause allergic reactions, making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema. Unlike many commercial detergents, Marseille soap does not contain harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes, which can irritate the skin.

2. Environmental benefits:
In addition to its health benefits, Marseille soap is also environmentally friendly. Made from natural and biodegradable ingredients , it does not contribute to water pollution and is safe for aquatic fauna. By using Marseille soap for laundry , you also reduce your waste, the latter is generally sold without packaging or in simple, recyclable packaging.

3. Economic benefits:
Marseille soap is not only beneficial for health and the environment, but it is also economical. A single bar of Marseille soap can last several months , even with regular use for laundry. Plus, it's often less expensive than commercial detergents, especially when you consider the product's durability and versatility . You can easily make your own liquid laundry detergent using Marseille soap shavings. Another economical advantage is that Marseille soap can be used for other household tasks, such as cleaning surfaces, so no need for additional products!

How to use Marseille soap for laundry?

You'll need :
20g of authentic Marseille Fer à Cheval soap shavings
20g of baking soda (helps deodorize and give shine to your laundry)
7g of soda crystals
1L of boiling water
1 kitchen scale
1 large container
1 or more glass bottles depending on the quantity you make

Steps :
Mix everything in a large container. Let it cool, the detergent will thicken. Over time, if it shifts, mix before each use. Add a few drops of essential oils to scent your laundry naturally. This homemade detergent is effective even at low temperatures and is suitable for all types of fabrics, including the most delicate.

Directions for use: pour 1 dose (75 ml) into the drum or bin of your laundry.

Marseille soap is a versatile , ecological and economical product that has many benefits for laundry . By opting for this traditional soap, you take care of your health, the environment and your budget. So why not try Marseille soap for your next laundry and discover its many benefits for yourself?

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