Fer à Cheval x SYNLAB Laboratories

Publié le February 24, 2020

Fer à Cheval X Synlab

The two involved entities are working together “hand in hand” and hope to mobilize the general public, and even more caregivers, around this gesture. Hands are the primary vector for transmitting infections (80% of infections transmitted are by hand). Hand hygiene, a simple and effective method, is the basis of the fight against infections.

Marseille soap HORSESHOE X Laboratoires SYNLAB Provence

Did you know ?

In 1847, Ignace Semmelweis, Hungarian obstetrician and father of hospital hygiene, drastically reduced the number of deaths of women giving birth in Vienna hospices by advocating systematic hand washing of caregivers.

Synlab Provence wishes to pay tribute to this discovery by highlighting ancestral local know-how, Marseille soap, pride of regional heritage.
Savonnerie Fer à Cheval manufactured 5,000 300g olive oil cubes and 8,000 100g olive oil soap bars, specially stamped for the laboratory. “We are targeting the soaps to 500 of our employees, our privileged patients and 12,500 clinician and nurse correspondents. » explains Sofiane Benhabib, CEO of Laboratoires Synlab Provence.

Made up of 100% ingredients of natural origin, Marseille soap is made in a cauldron using exclusively vegetable oils, water, salt, and soda (for saponification). Hypoallergenic, Marseille soap is even recommended by dermatologists.

The objectives of hand washing and its action are multiple:

  • Eliminate transient skin flora
  • Reduce the resident skin flora
  • Prevent contamination

“Hand hygiene concerns all healthcare professionals, patients and their families, regardless of the care provided, the places and circumstances in which it is provided. It contributes to quality universal health coverage,” explains the World Health Organization. Remember that since 2009, France has been involved alongside the WHO in this global challenge by participating every year on May 5 in World Hand Hygiene Day. On this occasion, many health professionals are mobilizing to carry out targeted information and awareness-raising action around this theme.

With the Fer à Cheval soap factory and the Synlab Provence Laboratories, put an end to the ills of winter, let's celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day!

About Synlab Provence Laboratories:

SYNLAB Provence

Actor in the field of public health, SYNLAB is a group of medical analysis laboratories (LBM).
SYNLAB offers its patients medical biology analyses, for diagnostic, preventive purposes and therapeutic monitoring in the field of biochemistry, immunology, enzymology, hematology, hemostasis, bacteriology and spermiology but also in the context of predictive medicine and nutritional biology.
Within its laboratories, practitioners offer their expertise and practice quality biology in order to satisfy their patients, prescribers, correspondents and partners.

Require the authenticity logo

Le Fer à Cheval is a founding member of the UPSM, the Union of Marseille Soap Professionals, which works to promote real Marseille soap by requesting an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication).

This logo guarantees:

  • A composition based on exclusively vegetable oils, without chemical additives, preservatives or perfumes,
  • Manufactured in cauldrons according to the Marseille process comprising 5 fundamental stages,
  • A geographical origin from the Marseille region.
UPSM logo
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