Marseille soap or Black soap, what’s the difference ?

Publié le July 3, 2024
Marseille soaps and black soaps are two traditional products with multiple uses and benefits . Although they share certain characteristics, they are distinguished by their compositions , manufacturing processes and uses . In this article, we will explore the differences between these two iconic soaps to help you better understand their respective quirks and benefits.

Composition and Manufacturing Process

Marseille Soap and Black Soap share a common base: olive pomace oil. However, their compositions and manufacturing processes have certain differences.

Marseille's soap

Our Marseille soap is formulated exclusively with olive pomace oil. This soap rigorously respects the Edict of Colbert of 1688 , thus guaranteeing an authentic and quality product. The process of making Marseille soap is a true art : nearly 10 days are necessary for its old-fashioned saponification in cauldrons. This traditional method, carefully passed down from generation to generation by Master Soap Makers , ensures a pure and natural soap.

Marseille Soap is free of preservatives, colorings, perfumes or animal fats, and does not contain palm oil. It is hypoallergenic , easily biodegradable , making it an ecological and healthy choice for the whole family .

Black soap

Fer à Cheval liquid or soft Black Soap is also made from ingredients of natural origin, mainly olive pomace oil. However, its formula is designed to be a versatile all-in-one cleaner , ideal for everyday household tasks . This liquid or soft soap does not contain preservatives, solvents or dyes, thus offering an alternative to chemical detergents.

The manufacturing process of Black Soap, although simpler than that of Marseille Soap, guarantees a concentrated and durable formula, respectful of the environment.

Uses and Applications

Personal Hygiene and Housekeeping

Marseille soap is renowned for its versatility . It is commonly used for personal hygiene , especially as a body and facial soap, thanks to its softness and hypoallergenic properties. It is also appreciated for household maintenance : cleaning surfaces, washing laundry, and even as a natural stain remover.

Multipurpose Cleaning

Black Soap , for its part, excels in household chores . Its concentrated formula cleans, degreases, nourishes and shines all washable surfaces in the house and garden . It is particularly effective for cleaning floors, tiles, hobs and garden tools. In addition, Black Soap is an excellent stain remover for laundry, capable of eliminating the most stubborn stains.

Black Soap, although it is also natural and biodegradable , stands out for its ability to replace many household chemicals. Its use as a multi-purpose cleaner reduces the need to purchase multiple specialist products, helping to reduce waste.

Environmental impact

Both soaps are distinguished by their respect for the environment. Marseille soap, being 100% natural and biodegradable , is gentle on the environment and does not contain any harmful substances. Its production follows traditional processes which minimize the ecological impact. Black Soap, although it is also natural and biodegradable , stands out for its ability to replace many household chemicals. Using it as a multipurpose cleaner reduces the need to purchase multiple products. In summary, Marseille Soap and Black Soap each offer unique benefits. Marseille soap, with its traditional manufacturing and pure composition, is ideal for personal hygiene and certain household tasks. Black Soap, with its versatility and effectiveness , is perfect for daily and varied use around the home. By choosing these natural products, you are opting for solutions that respect your health and the environment.
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