Pure Olive Marseille Soap

Publié le November 12, 2022

For more than 165 years, the Fer à Cheval soap factory has perpetuated the production of authentic Marseille soap in a cauldron. For generations, master soap makers have passed down the manufacturing secrets of the Marseille process, established by the Edict of Colbert (1688).

It is thanks to this know-how that we present to you today Pure Olive Marseille soap. The Fer à Cheval soap factory perfects its iconic Marseille soap recipe by using 100% olive oil in its formula. A new, ever more authentic soap for ever more impeccable product quality.

Pure Olive Marseille Soap - Savonnerie Fer à Cheval

100% olive oil
Our soap respects the Edict of Colbert and contains exclusively olive oil. It's not enough to follow a recipe, you have to respect it.
100% authentic
Our soap is unique and alive, varying according to humidity, outside temperature... It is not enough to claim authenticity, we must assume it.
100% Marseille
Our cauldron room has hardly changed since 1856 and our factory is still in Sainte Marthe. It's not enough to say you're from Marseille, you have to be.
Pure Olive Marseille Soap

Historical know-how

Our Fer à Cheval soap factory is one with Marseille’s heritage because our history is also that of the region and its people. We respect and perpetuate artisanal know-how passed down from generation to generation of master soapmakers. The recipe for authentic Marseille soap cooked in cauldrons is carefully guarded, and remains unaltered to this day as it is so incredibly effective for the whole family. We have kept an artisan soul and work with passion and commitment to offer Marseille soap of excellent quality and as respectful as possible of the environment. Our soap does not contain any added preservatives, colorings, perfumes or animal fats.

Pure Olive Marseille Soap

A new range but still the same process

The selection of materials and ingredients for Marseille soap by our master soapmakers makes this product truly authentic. To obtain a traditional Marseille soap, you need: manufacturing made in Marseille, a composition of only vegetable oils (no preservatives, no colorings, no perfumes, no additives or animal fats). Finally, you must follow a recipe in 5 steps, called the Marseillais Process, defined in 1688 by the Edict of Colbert:

  • the paste
  • the release
  • the cooking
  • washing
  • liquidation.

Our Pure Olive soap, authentic Marseille soap, is ideal for the hygiene of the whole family, maintaining the house or cleaning laundry. Discover our selection of products:

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