White Tea & Yuzu: fresh scented water

Publié le February 12, 2024

Discover our latest creation: Eau Fraîche Blanc Thé & Yuzu.

Let yourself be enveloped by a wave of delicate freshness with our White Tea & Yuzu Eau Fraîche. A light and subtle formula to start your day fresh with energy and serenity.

  • Experience a moment of well-being in your beauty ritual

Well-being also means taking care of yourself with natural and environmentally friendly products. Our White Tea & Yuzu Fresh Water is made from carefully selected ingredients. The perfume developed with Marseille perfumers comes from an alcohol of agricultural plant origin
(from sugar beets) and without coloring. A light perfume par excellence, ideal for a moment of relaxation and pleasure for your senses!

  • Why fresh water?

Fresh water is not very concentrated and contains alcohol, so it is less irritating to the skin. It is compared to a mist for its lightness and its more diffuse and invigorating scent. More recommended in spring or summer, its fragrance lasts for more than 2 hours on the skin.

  • How to use it ?

Spray cool water on your neck, chest or inside the wrist, once ready, at any time of the day.

Adopt our White Tea & Yuzu Fresh Water for your beauty ritual.

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