An interior that shines

Publié le April 5, 2024

In the quest for a clean and bright interior , it is essential to choose products that are both efficient and respectful of our environment. This is why at Fer à Cheval , we have developed the Descaling Spray , a versatile and natural solution to eliminate limescale deposits and restore an impeccable shine to our sanitary ware , bathrooms , sinks and taps .

Composition and active agents

One of the main characteristics of the Horseshoe Descaling Spray is its composition of 99% ingredients of natural origin . Aware of environmental issues and concerned about the health of its users, we have redesigned the formula of this product to eliminate limescale deposits while being healthy for your interior. To have an impeccable and lasting shine , the Descaling Spray combines vinegar of plant origin , known for its anti-limescale properties , with Marseille soap and organic acid derived from beet sugar , known for its disinfecting properties . This judicious combination guarantees not only effective elimination of limescale deposits, but also impeccable hygiene in your sanitary areas and we love that!

One Spray, 4 actions!

This Descaling Spray acts in a single gesture to accomplish four essential functions : cleaning , degreasing , descaling and deodorizing . This versatility makes it an ally of choice in the fight against impurities and traces of limescale which can tarnish the beauty of your surfaces.

But then how to use it? Nothing's easier...

Spray the product generously on the surfaces to be treated, then leave to act for a few moments to allow the active agents to dissolve limescale deposits and degrease thoroughly . Finally, rinse thoroughly with clean water and wipe with a clean cloth to reveal the dazzling shine of your surfaces, that's it.

You would have understood it !

By opting for the Horseshoe Descaling Spray , you are not only choosing a product of formidable effectiveness , but also a solution that respects the environment and the health of your family . Thanks to its natural composition and its multiple functions , this spray will quickly become an essential in your cleaning kit.

Bye-bye lime deposits and hello to your interior which shines with cleanliness and freshness, with the Horseshoe Descaling Spray.

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