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Publié le April 19, 2024

You want a clean and well-maintained home , then we have the solution , we are constantly looking for effective products to keep your living spaces beautiful and pleasant . Liquid Black Soap is presented as a universal cleaner , ideal for reviving your floors . Composed of olive pomace oil , coconut oil and potash, Fer à Cheval Black Soap is a natural product in its own right, with 99% ingredients of natural origin . Find out how to use this product to highlight the beauty of your floors , whether they are tiles , terracotta tiles , wooden floors , or linoleum .

First step, the miracle recipe for deep cleaning:

Liquid Black Soap is your best ally for removing encrusted dirt and traces of grease on your floors. For effective cleaning , simply mix 2 tablespoons of Liquid Black Soap in 5 liters of hot water. Use a Spanish broom or mop to wash the surface, making sure to distribute the solution evenly over the entire area to be cleaned. Thanks to its degreasing properties , black soap effectively eliminates residues while preserving the quality of your floors.

Naturally, it nourishes and protects!

In addition to cleaning deeply, Liquid Black Soap nourishes and protects your floors, thus prolonging their durability and shine . After cleaning, simply allow the surface to dry naturally, without rinsing. This step allows the black soap to penetrate the pores of the material, deeply nourishing it and creating a protective barrier against stains and daily wear and tear. Your floors will thus regain all their original shine and appearance, while remaining protected from external aggressions.

The Marseille charm of Tomettes on the ground? No problem !

If you have terracotta tiles , you know how important it is to maintain them with care to preserve their natural beauty . Liquid Black Soap is also ideal for taking care of these delicate surfaces. For optimal maintenance, rub the floor tiles directly with pure Black Soap in a very small dose, without rinsing and using a floor brush . If, however, the soap remains too present, rinse the floor with a damp mop and let it dry in the open air. This method allows for deep cleaning while preserving the texture and color of the tiles. In addition, black soap acts as a real protective shield , ensuring better durability and resistance to stains.

Impossible to miss this miracle product ! It is a real ally for maintaining and revealing the beauty of your floors . Thanks to its natural formula and its versatile use , it offers an effective solution , respectful of the environment and the health of the whole family. Try Fer à Cheval Liquid Black Soap today and bring your floors back to life with shine and simplicity.

Find all the tips for using Liquid Black Soap in the “Advice and tips” section of its product sheet.

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