How to store your Marseille soap

Publié le May 29, 2024

Today we share with you tips for maintaining your Marseille soap for a long life.

Marseille soap is a natural product appreciated for its many virtues. Made from vegetable oils, with an ancestral recipe passed down from generation to generation, it is good for the skin and respectful of the environment . However, to optimally preserve Marseille soap and extend its lifespan, it is essential to know how to maintain it correctly. Here are some practical tips for storing and using your Marseille soap to perfection.

Important, choose the right location!

To make your Marseille soap last longer, it is crucial to store it in a dry place . Soap does not like humidity because it makes it more difficult to dry after use. Choose an openwork soap dish or better yet, our magnetic soap dish which allows the water to drain and the soap to dry between each use. Avoid leaving it in a saucer on the bottom of water or on the edge of the bathtub where it risks stagnating in the humidity.

Put your soap in a net

A soap net is a very practical accessory to extend the life of your Marseille soap. It creates abundant foam while keeping the soap dry between uses. Additionally, the soap net allows you to use the smallest pieces of soap that would otherwise be difficult to use.

Cut your soap into pieces as soon as you get home

If you have purchased a block of Marseille soap or our unsliced ​​bars , it is advisable to cut it into smaller pieces as quickly as possible. This not only extends its lifespan by exposing only a small part of the soap to humidity each time it is used, but also makes it easier to handle. Use a sharp knife to cut portions suitable for your daily use. If you cut your soap as you go, it risks drying out and is likely to crumble when cutting. Once cut as you wish, you can store them in small resealable bags.

Switch between several soaps

To prevent your Marseille soap from being constantly damp, alternate between several soaps. Have two or three soaps in rotation, allowing each soap to dry completely between uses. This significantly extends their lifespan and allows you to enjoy different scents and properties . Make your favorite program, but to inspire you here are our preferences:

* Monday: Gentle White Tea & Yuzu Scented Soap
* Tuesday: Aqua Mandarin Scented Gentle Soap
* Wednesday: Marseille soap Savonnette Pur Olive

Save your leftover soap.

Do not throw away small remaining pieces of soap or crumbs. You can collect them in a soap net or make your own laundry detergent with them. Find our DIY recipes by clicking HERE .

There you have it, you have some simple tips that you can follow, in order to significantly extend the life of your Marseille soap , while continuing to benefit from its natural benefits . Good management and proper maintenance of your Marseille soap not only allows you to save money, but also to reduce your environmental impact by minimizing waste.

Adopt these habits today and get the most out of your Marseille soap for a long time.

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